What Is Sweeter Than Strawberries In June?

For me, this fruit is just so evocative of Summer; there’s nothing likeIMG_1559 biting into a soft, sweet strawberry, particularly when you’ve had the satisfaction of growing them yourself.  I purchased two different kinds of strawberry plants from the garden centre this Summer.  They produced a small but, steady, harvest. To stop the fruit rotting, I placed nests of straw around them (presumably, that is where the name strawberry came from).  Straw seems to put the slugs off; broken egg shells are also a deterrent. In the top bed of the patio, are three strawberry plants with lavender in-between.  I love the purple of the lavender, it’s such a pretty colour but I haven’t noticed much scent.  To suppress weeds, I’ve added a layer of mulch; it also keeps the soil moist.  Our patio area gets very hot (the garden faces South) and, the strawberries have loved the heat. My eldest son is ten and, experimented with making jam from the strawberries.  It was not the most palatable but, it’s lovely to see him embracing the Good Life!  Now it’s September, I’m already looking forward to the strawberries we might have next June.


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