It’s All Over Now

IMG_0052During the Summer I gradually added to the alpine beds I’d planted and, I’m pleased to say, they are spreading and looking fuller.  The picture to the left is the smaller bed which, is doing very well. I love the resilience of alpines in the face of the mares’ tales.  But even so, I find mares’ tales poking in-between the leaves and the flowers of the alpines I’ve planted.  Of course, I pull them up but the roots are incredibly long and tend to snap.  One gardener I know recommended digging up all the plants, putting them to one side and, literally, sieving through the earth to remove all traces of this particular weed.  Apparently, its millions of years old.  No wonder its lasted; is everywhere.

The picture below is of the larger alpine bed which obviously requires a lot more weeding.  It really is an ongoing battle with the weeds.  Sometimes, I find weeding cathartic. It is more cathartic when I’m weeding the patio beds as they are a manageable size; I can complete the process and, for a while, at least, it all looks as I intended.  The borders, however, are a different matter…


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