Gutsy Geraniums

I absolutely love the bright fiery red geraniums that I have2014-09-22 11.42.18 planted in the patio beds.  They remind me of the Mediterranean, particularly Spain: white-washed walls and narrow streets with pretty geraniums in terracotta pots balanced on windowsills, crammed on balconies and stuffed in hanging baskets.  The vivid red draws your eye in. Their appearance is gaudy but the colour breath-taking and non-apologetic.

They grow well where I have placed them as there is plenty of sun and the soil is fairly dry, which they like.  Slugs have attacked the leaves but the flowers remain intact, riotous splashes of crimson.

To the left of the garden is a large, curved bed.  I’m attempting to 2014-09-22 11.31.47give this a cottage style but, at present, at least half of it is full of weeds.  I planted various shrubs over the Summer as well as the violet-blue  geranium pictured here, called Rozanne.  I have three clumps of it and the pretty flowers have maintained their beautiful colour throughout the Summer and into these early days of Autumn.


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