Fade To Grey

The garden retained some colour into late autumn, particularly the IMG_1472fiery red geraniums; but even they have given up the ghost.  However, one patch of ornamental grass is now a corn-yellow colour and, rather pretty.  In contrast to the rest of the garden which is rather muted, it stands out proud.  Probably I should be cutting it back now but, I have decided to leave it.  The garden is mostly shades of green; the sky mostly shades of grey.  The shortest day was on Sunday and, we really are in the depths of Winter but, without the excitement of snow.  However, Dan has decorated a shrub at the front with multi-coloured lights, adding a bit of fun while nature is lying low.




Covering Up The Tenders

With a number of frost-sensitive alpines, grasses and, a palm tree, IMG_1482we had imagined this Winter we would need to cover over the plants.  Dan and I dutifully made a trip to a local garden centre and had a chat with a member of staff.  To our surprise, he said that it wasn’t necessary to protect the plants unless we had a long stint of below zero temperatures.  This Winter has, so far,been unusually warm so covering up the tenders is a job we can hold back on…for now, at least.