Sunshine and Snow

IMG_2393Recently, the weather has got warmer; there’s a real sense of Spring in the air.  It’s hard to believe that only three weeks ago, we had enough snow to bring chaos to the roads.   On the Thursday, we received a text late morning to say School was closing.  Obviously, the children were excited; they spent the afternoon having snowball fights and dragging each other down the garden on the sledge.  More snow fell during the night.  On the Friday, buses were cancelled and  IMG_2408School shut again.  My children made the most of time away from classroom lessons; the boys, in particular, played out for hours from breakfast onwards, building dens and snowmen (experimenting with blue food dye to make eyes).  But the sun shone periodically; standing outside I could hear a constant drip, drip, drip as the thaw began.  For a few days after, the ground was frozen solid making the walk to school slow and tricky.  The last patches of snow took a while to melt but our larger snowman has finally disappeared into a pool of water and I don’t think we will have more of the white stuff now until later in the year.

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