Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

Gardens mark out time; most obviously through the seasons.  Birth,
decay, beginnings and endings…

My brother, Phil, and I formed a band called The Gingerbread Tree when I was about thirteen.  I sang and occasionally knocked out chords on my Casio keyboard; Phil played guitar and bass.  Over the years the band was a source of ever-changing members with Phil and I always at the helm.  We wrote our own songs ( a combination of punk, indie and pop).  We soundtracked a film called Dream Factory, the script based on a short story by author Philip Caveney, about homeless children living in a cinema.  We soundtracked an education film for The Royal Shakespeare Company to show in schools (who knows what happened to that).  We made an album.  And then we stopped.  For about twenty years, or something.

In 2014, Phil and I decided to archive our musicIMG_2099.  We’ve made videos or, had others make them for us.  The collection is growing and can be viewed on our YouTube channel.  You probably never got to hear us back then; a little band, just a dot in the universe.  Listening again to the songs, makes me feel proud, nostalgic, reminded how everything is part of a never-ending cycle.  Lets start at the very beginning…

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