Is There Life On Mars?

IMG_2814IMG_2767Alpines, or succulents, must be some of the easiest and, most rewarding, plants to grow.  In the patio area I have devoted one large  bed and one small completely to alpines.

The popularity of alpine plants stemmed from the mountaineering Victorian middle classes.  When in the Alps, enthusiasts began to bring these small hardy plants back to the UK.

I love the quirky appearance of some of my alpines.  Though not always traditionally pretty they have an interesting alien-like quality, particularly when  they sprout flowers.  I can imagine plants like these on Mars or, some far off planet.

Tasty Tomatoes

We hope to acquire tomatoes at some point IMG_2803over the Summer.  My father-in-law visited us recently with a plant for each of the three children.  He instructed them to water their plant daily (hasn’t quite happened) and see whose produces the most fruit.  We wait in great anticipation…

Alpines Take Centre Stage

A while back I posted a blog titled Everything Is Broken.  My large IMG_2760alpine bed was looking a tad sorry for itself and I was feeling fed up about it.  I’m pleased to say, the new alpines I added have thrived and there is so much now that is pleasing to the eye.  The original plants which had survived are also flowering (see below).  I love the dramatic shapes and quirkiness of alpines.