Kahlo’s Garden

IMG_2775I’ve recently been reading a book called Frida Kahlo’s Garden.  It’s about the artist’s life and the house and garden Casa Azul in Mexico City that belonged to her and muralist Diego Rivera.  Kahlo used botanical images in her work and the garden was another form of self expression.  Now a museum, the garden includes unusual desert and  tropical plants alongside lava stone paths, sculptures and a pyramid.

Like so many books, I seem to get half way through and then stop for one reason or another…Anyway, I’ve loved picking through the glossy pages and soaking up ideas for my own space.  I’d love to visit Kahlo’s garden; I don’t expect a book can really do it justice.  My brother, Phil, and I have our own book due out soon The Practical Senior Teacher (published by KFS press) which features some of our collages. Interesting how so many creatives find that gardening, like drawing, painting or collaging, can be another outlet.

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