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One More Cup Of Coffee

IMG_2610Dan mentioned he’d been chucking the dregs from his early morning cafettiere onto the garden.  Noting my look of displeasure, he insisted that, ”It’ll do the plants good.”  Hmmmm…But with Google at my disposal, I’ve discovered he is, in fact, at least partly correct.  According to various forums on the subject, coffee adds acidity to the soil which, the majority of garden plants prefer.

Further in my research, I find out it is less certain whether putting coffee grounds straight into the soil is beneficial; the over-riding opinion seems to be it’s better to install a compost heap/bin and add the coffee to that where it will be properly broken down. (However, at least one poster claims that mulching roses directly with coffee grounds increases the blooms.) We have been considering getting a compost bin for a while; in fact, I can’t believe we haven’t sorted one out yet.  I shall add that to my never-ending To Do list.