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Barbecue Season

This Saturday I was having lunch with a friend in town so, Dan IMG_2632looked after the children.  As well as taking them to activities, he got busy in the kitchen making wholemeal pizzas from scratch for lunch.  It turned out to be one of the warmest days we’ve had in a while.  When I returned home Dan had cleaned the barbecue.  He’d opened a cold beer and was unpeeling packs of veggie burgers (for our eldest son, his veggie double burger he put together himself as pictured) and steaks.   The first barbecue of the year is always significant; the wafts of delicious smoke as the steaks sizzle especially mouth-watering.  We didn’t eat alfresco; we don’t have a picnic table as yet.  But food cooked outside always tastes good, doesn’t it?


Tools of the Trade

Every gardener needs a few essential tools.  These are the ones that I use the most:

Spade – I actually have two.  I bought one myself, years ago, the other was inherited from my Dad.  It is around forty years old and he was eager to pass it onto me as he was using it less frequently.  There is something a bit special about inheriting old tools and the handle has a smooth lived-in feel, the blade is narrower than on my other spade.  Perfect

Fork – I sometimes use this instead of a spade if I’m digging in stony ground, for example.  However, I actually prefer one or other of my spades.

Trowel – I have a good quality stainless steel trowel and I use it for planting bulbs and, instead of my spades on occasion.

Wheelbarrow – my Father-in-Law gave Dan and me this wheelbarrow.  He’s a builder and this is a proper builder’s barrow, designed to withstand Winter and heavy-load carrying.