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Time For Autumn Lawn Care

Living near woods it seems like every day the lawn is covered in IMG_3597leaves, they fall as often as rain.  We clear them up regularly or they start to damage the grass.   Dan always has the job of mowing; he quite likes it because it’s a good workout.  But the mowing is less often now and he sets the blades higher.  Once Dan has mowed, it gives the whole garden a lift; there is an illusion of it being larger and, the areas between grass and flower-beds are more clearly defined.

Yesterday, Dan decided to dedicate some time lawn care.  He shifted the leaves, mowed and then, used a rake to aerate.  There are compacted areas, like around the children’s play set, where the ground has become thick and solid, the grass virtually disappeared.  Now is a good time to start to repair those patches.

IMG_3588Dan added an Autumn feed to the grass which will help toughen the roots; this particular one also kills moss.  We usually avoid using chemicals but if we don’t control the moss we will end up with more of that than grass!  It rained just after so that should help the feed get absorbed into the ground.

The next step will be to repair patches of lawn which have been damaged, often through the squirrel who is a regular here.  The children are not playing out so often which will give the grass seeds chance to grow.  And until the leaves stop falling, we will continue to rake them up, maybe even burn some in the fire-pit.