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This Old House

The Wendy House was here when we arrived and it looked rather sorry for itself but in decent enough condition that we could repair it. 2014-09-22 11.40.27 IMG_1558 In the absence of a large shed we initially used it to store the children’s outside toys.  But as the garden is taking shape, we’re keen to restore this two-storey play house.

My Dad fixed the floorboards which were rotten and Dan replaced the windows with a plastic that is (hopefully) virtually unbreakable.  However, the roof on one side is open with just plastic sheeting over the gap so that is something we will need to get on and tackle.  The other side of the roof is fine, as you can see in the second picture.

We need to fix the gaping hole in the roof before the poor weather really sets in.  I imagine the house painted duck egg blue, with window boxes planted with pretty flowers, curtains inside and painted furniture.  It’s a project I need to prioritise as my daughter, in particular,  is still at an age when she can enjoy it