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FinellaGardeneveryday is my first attempt at writing a blog while indulging my passion for digging in soil. In it I’ll explore the pleasures and problems of a garden – and also include some creative responses to growing and the seasons. I’d like to make an account of my garden that is not just about weeds and veg, but also about the things that come to mind as I work.  I am an amateur gardener so this is very much a learning experience for me too.

My novel This Is Not A Love Song is published by Apple Pie Editions; it is available as an ebook on Amazon.  I have written a short story collection, poetry and scripts.  My work has been published in national and small press magazines and, on websites.  I am also involved in a long-term art book project, soon to be published by Knives, Forks and Spoons Press.  I was co-editor of Manchester’s innovative literary and arts magazine, Multi-Storey.  In this capacity, I interviewed authors such as Melvin Burgess (Junk).   I co-edited South Manchester’s NCT newsletter and I have worked as a copywriter/proof-reader.  I was a member of experimental band The Gingerbread Tree. Much of this music and writing was made in the lush green county of Cheshire and I’ll dot some of my back pages through the blog, as a kind of ornamental border.
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If you’re a fellow gardener, I hope you’ll find something of interest on this blog.  Feel free to share your own thoughts by leaving comments or emailing me.
Finella Davenport

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